Soul Haus Ltd. llc, dba Pandora on the Hill
Soul Haus Ltd. llc, dba Pandora on the Hill
  • Soul Haus

    Urban.  Independent.  Local.

    We sell cool sh*t 

    About Us

    Cool Guy wear a mans shirt and a cool mens jacket

    Our Clothes - Your Story

    Every line we carry has a story, but none as important as yours. Take a look and find your exclamation point.

    Cool Mens Tshirts, Cool Mens Bags and cool mend hats on a display in the store

    We want what YOU want

    Urban style and Independent Designers of unique gifts and men's clothing in Denver at an affordable price. And don't worry, we only stock a few pieces of each style to keep our floor fresh and your closet unique to you. 

    Some cool guys and a cool woman in the shop, having fun in the store

    Come Be a Part of the Family

     We will never be one of those hip lifestyle boutiques  who presume to tell you how to dress or who to be. We understand that people who visit Soul Haus already know who they are and are quite confident in the story they want to tell --and it is how we are able to proudly boast- that we absolutely have the coolest customers in town.